Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Shopping

We are real close to being finished with this years Christmas tree harvest. There are only a few trees left to find homes. I will post about this in a day or two. Right now I wanted to show you what my kids did last night.

A few years ago Jay and I told the kids that for Christmas this was our wish:..... We would give them each a certain amount of money...... That was our gift to them...... But what they did with their money was their gift to us.
They check around and ask at the schools and churches and with people they know if there are people that they know that are in need. What do they need? They ask if they can please be specific as in shoe sizes, coats etc. Maybe it is food or fire wood or car repair. Maybe they need blankets or power bills paid. What ever it is, the kids talk it over and decide what to do.

After they make their choices, Stacy usually makes the lists and pairs everyone up and off we go shopping. I go along to take pictures and pay. Really, I have the most rewarding job of all. It makes me so happy and so proud of these guys.

They shopped for small boys and girls. There were a couple of kids in middle school and some were in high school. It was fun to watch them as they shopped.

Taylor and Brandi paired up. They were on a mission to find things for a little guy in kindergarten. As always Taylor was into red and black flannel. He isn't usually a "shopper" but this was fun. Brandi was more helpful with their middle school girl. Taylor just doesn't do "girly stuff" very well.

It was all business for Stacy and Mindy. They had two girls. They got cool stuff. There was clothes and boots, they had jewelry and nail polish. There was art supplies and toys.

Then there was Cody and Casey. This shopping thing was hard. They had a grade school boy and a girl. Can you imagine what they picked out for that sweet girl?
Casey, we are shopping for others not for you. Put that hat back.

Taylor, put that hat back too!

All this shopping made them hungry so they had to take a break and eat. Then it was back to their lists.

A few times I had to look around and find the boys. They weren't enjoying the clothes shopping nearly as much as the toy shopping. They got basketballs and leggo's and movies and games.

We needed socks and underwear and shoes and gloves. Some things like underwear were just too much for Louis and Ryan to figure out. Boxers or breifs? Ankle socks or calf length?

Stacy says we need to get toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner.

It was finially time to go check out.

Casey was checking out the magazines. Oh, look its Tiger Woods! Do you know his new nick name? Cheatah!!!

Cody and Ryan find something rather amusing.

We got gift cards for food and movie tickets for the parents.
We got it all home, sorted it all out and went and delivered it to the schools today. Oh, my!!!....... that
was about as much fun as I can imagine!!! We have a few more families to do things for and I can't tell you how awesome this makes us all feel.

Thanks kids. You rock!!!!


adsgram said...

Merry Christmas, Pam! You and your family know the true meaning and Reason for the Season and have a wonderful time making it happen for others! God Bless you all!


Miss Mindy said...

It was so much fun! Can't wait for the kids to try on all their new stuff and am glad they get what they need to keep warm & feel in style. I hope our lil girl likes what we got her! Makes me cry thinking about them getting their basket off goodies & being crazy happy!! Thanks Mom.

Linda said...

Pam, you and I don't know each other from Adam's house cat, but I found your blog several months ago, I've never met anyone that has as big of a heart as you and your famiy! You are right, not only do your grandkids rock, so do you! God is truly among you.
Merry Christmas!
Linda E

Teresa Is Awesome! said...

Cody actually called and told me all about the shopping trip. he had so much fun. When he told me he and Casey had a girl I asked him how that went. He said the items were easy! thanks for sharing this wonderful event with Cody.