Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Christmas Trees

Jay was an outstanding athelete. Our kids were good at sports, too. Me, not so much. I tried but wasn't very good. I don't like playing games either. I don't play cards. I don't even play the Wii. I do love to watch sports tho, just not good at playing them. That's how it is with me and Christmas Trees. It seems like marketing trees is a lot like playing games. Some people won't sell you nobles unless you take their dougs too. Some like to play numbers games. If you take so many, you can have them at this price. But if you only take this many, the price is more. That makes sense but if they tell you they want a certain amount and agree on a price and then back out later, you are stuck with them or have to sell them for the lower price. Well, I don't like this part of it. I know we have the best trees around. I am confident that we have the best harvest crew and can handle what ever you want. So, if I tell you how many trees we have and how much they are, all you have to do is tell me what you need and we can get it done. No games. I can get up early and go out in the rain and snow. I can work long hours day after day until we are finished shipping. I can do all that, I just don't like the marketing games. All I want is to do my very best, to sell the trees, to work hard and get thru harvest, to fill all orders on time with quality and efficiency, to make all customers happy, to keep the legacy going that Jay worked so hard to build. I need to get a good attitude real soon. I need to stay positive and if I'm not good at games, maybe I can be a good cheerleader. Maybe I can stand on the sidelines and keep a smile and do what I know how to do.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fraternity House Mom

Yesterday our newest house member showed up. My nephew, Jesse, will be living with us while going to college to be a fireman. We are all excited! Another boy!!!!! Casey is working out of town during the week. So we just get to see him on the weekends. Cody is working out of town too but commutes each day. We get to see him in the evenings. Taylor is in high school and playing football. He is home in the evenings and weekends. Now, Jesse, will start school next week but will be here afternoons, evenings and weekends. I love my boys. I was just thinking about all this testosterone around here. Who's pickup is louder, who's tires are cooler and stuff like that. It is almost like a fraternity. So much boy talk. I am glad that they all get along AND that they aren't picky eaters. I am pretty sure there will be requests for biscuits and gravy but not quiche. Maybe some steak and chili but not salad and steamed vegetables. I think we just might go thru alot of cookies and brownies but not biscoti or scones. Oh, well I can do that. It isn't too far to the girls houses. I can always count on them for some girl time, a pedicure, a little retail therapy or a lunch at the Olive Garden. Maybe we could come up with a name for our "frat house." What about Phi Kappa Lamba? And I am pretty sure I will need to set claim on one of the tv's. I'm really not into "Trick my Truck" or "Ultimate Fight Club". And they most likely won't want to watch "Dancing with the Stars." But as long as they turn their socks right side out and pick up after themselves, sorta, we will get along just fine.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Second time around

Our friend Denise is having a sale at her house on Saturday. She has been working really hard to make lots of really cool stuff that girls like us need. There are things like chalk boards and old doors, buckets of mums for your porch and cool birdhouses. I know that you will really like this stuff. Come take a look. It is this Saturday, September 19th from 8 till 5 at 1253 Sceinic View Court in Stayton. I hope you can make it. I just hope I get there first!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor day weekend

What a busy weekend. Casey and Cody, Mindy and Louis and the other Mindy left on Friday evening to head south. Stacy and the little cowboys stayed here and went to Taylor's football game with me. Then we loaded up at dark thirty and headed south. Our mission was to paint the barns at Granny and Papa's in Lakeview.
Connor and Caleb took their live trap. I told them I would pay them $1 each for live chipmunks. I don't think they will catch many chipmunks if they are sitting on the cage.

The boys got started painting before we got there.

These are really good boys. They worked hard.

Mindy tried to hide so she wouldn't have to help.

Oh, I see you Mindy. Maybe you could get the boys something cold to drink.

There, thats better. At least you are doing something.

Papa came to check on us. He had his little girls with him.

There was important jobs like drivng the tractor. And jobs like watching the guy in the scoop of the tractor.

We even had armed guards to keep the squirrels away so they wouldn't bother us while we were working.

We scraped and painted most of the day.

There was alot of this going on.

Even this was happening.

Granny was at the house fixing dinner for her crew.

She didn't have to call them twice to come and eat.

Hey stand still Taylor. I want to take your picture. You're cute.

You're cute too.

Obviously, I wasn't working too hard. I was the picture taker lady.

Here's what the barns looked like when we got done.

Pretty cool, huh?

After they got finished, they cleaned up and went to town to the Lake County Fair. Granny and Papa bought them tickets to see Aaron Tippin in concert. I stayed home with the little guys. I am a party pooper and go to bed earlier than my kids do.

The next day they finished painting and then got out the big boy toys.

Some people might think this is work, but at Papa's house it's just fun.

This is the face of someone who loves to drive equipment and get dirty. It doesn't get any better than that.

On Monday morning we took some family pictures.

We said our good byes and everyone headed home.

We made a couple more stops on the way home. First at Grandpa and Pink Grandma's house. The rug rats had to ride the ranger with Pink Grandma to feed the chickens. Then one more stop to say goodbye to Great Great Grandma.

Then it was over the mountian and thru the woods. A very long five hours in the pickup with tired, cranky little ones. We stopped one time to stretch our legs and play for a minute and then back on the road.

Safe and sound back home. What a busy three days. Did I tell you how much I love these guys?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Guess What??

I'm not braggin'. I just wanted to share with you what Stacy did over the weekend. It was opening week end of archery season. Stacy and Ryan and the kids went over the mountain with Ryans parents. They hunted on Saturday. They saw lots of deer but weren't able to get close enough. On Sunday, they hunted in the morning and then packed up to head home. That is when a three point buck made the mistake of standing still long enough for Stacy to knock and arrow, pull back and let 'r go. She said it was about a 20 yard shot. The buck went about 40 yards and dropped. No tracking blood trails, no packing up out of canyons. That's my girl. Her daddy would be so proud of her.