Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Times

When you were young were there certain things that you will always remember about someone or some place that you went? I can remember when we would go to my cousins Grandma's house, there was this ladle hanging by the kitchen sink. That is what we used to get a drink of water. Not a glass. Not a cup, but a ladle. It was so cool. I also remember when we stayed the night at Uncle Paul's house he would always make us popcorn with real butter and gave us a soda pop in a bottle. We thought we were special. This last weekend Stacy and the kids traveled with me back home to attend a wedding at a friends ranch.

It is a five and a half hour drive each way. We had barely started on our trip when the little punks started asking "are we almost to Freddie's yet? "Freddie" is a little old Indian that lives out in the middle of a meadow close to where we were going. He lives there alone. He doesn't own a car. He rides a bike. I don't even think that he has electricity. He has an old chair out on his front porch and he sits there and waves to everyone that passes by. The punks couldn't wait to wave to Freddie.

When we finially got to "my town" we stopped to see my Grandma. She is an amazing lady that will be 95 years old next month. She lives alone except for her cat,"Stupid." Stupid was given to her years ago by her neighbor when he moved away. He was the one who named her Stupid. For some reason the little punks love to go to Grandma's house just to see her cat and call it Stupid.

The wedding was beautiful. Grandma was beautiful. We got to wave at Freddie. And, Stupid........ well she was older and stupider than the last time we were there.
The little punks made smores by the fire. They took apart an old lawn mower and they danced with the pretty girls at the wedding. Sunday we headed back home. Freddie wasn't there on the porch when we went by. But when we go back next month for Grandma's birthday party I am sure that we will be looking for Freddie and maybe, if we remember, we can pack some treats for Stupid the cat.

Friday, June 11, 2010


PHILOSOPHY: if God has a face, surely it is that of a child. and if there is a place called Heaven, it must smell like a baby. and if we do live forever, it must be in the pure joy of a child's innocent laughter. and if we have lived before, then the arrival of your baby feels like reconciling with the most important spirit you've ever loved or will love. in the eyes of a baby, we feel all the fragility and all of the magic of the universe and beyond.
(I don't know who said this...but it is true)

Welcome baby Maddox

Louis and Mindy's family grew by two feet last night!! Maddox Jay arrived at 10:55 pm and weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds 13 ounces. Everyone is doing fine. Stacy and I stayed in the room with them and helped welcome Maddox into the world. After lots of pushes and a couple of #*?%#'s he finally arrived...... And then I cried.

My baby had a baby!!! But then I smiled a giant smile when I saw how proud they both were. When I got home there were lots of teenage kids running around my house. Some in the hot tub, some not. I was not happy. Who told these kids they could be here while I wasn't home. Then I started to cry again. Teenageers make me crazy. Soon I was smiling again thinking about Mindy and Louis and what they just signed up for....... teenagers someday! As I layed down in my bed I started crying again. It was just so hard to not have Jay here to experience this whole day with me. He would be so happy. Today, the sun came out, the birds were singing. The only kids at my house were the ones that live here. I went back up to the hospital to see my newest grandbaby. He is just perfect. It's a good day. I have alot to smile about. (this is the song that was playing in the labor room last night...tonights gonna be a good night)