Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hunting Season

This week end is opening day of archery season. It was Jay's favorite time of the year. He hunted with a bow and arrow since riffle season falls during our tree harvest time. He was an awesome hunter. Only one year that I remember him not getting an elk was the time he came home early from his hunt to take Taylor on a youth hunt. For a couple of months he would go out early in the woods by our house and practice shooting the animals (life like targets). He would have a reed in his mouth ALL the time practicing his bugle-ing. We would often be woke up by his very loud bugle sounds. Almost every night just before dark he would be out there again shooting his bow. He was good. A few days before he was to leave for a hunt, he would wash all his camo clothes. First he would run the wash machine thru a cycle with just water to rinse any "downy" smells. Then he would wash everything in his "no see-um, no smell-um" soap. Then they had to dry outside. Most of his clothes had "scent-lock" which meant that if he sweated in them, the elk or deer still couldn't smell him. He had special soap to shower with too so that they couldn't smell him. Even his underwear was washed this way. He had camo everything. He would paint his face and sometimes his arms and hands. Stacy (our oldest daughter) hunted sometimes with him. She would have to go thru the same routine as he did. One time when she went with him she suddenly remembered that she hadn't washed her underwear in the no see-um no smell-um stuff. She had to fess up and tell him. He just looked at her and said "oh well, you can just wear some of my underwear." So she did. She would never let her dad down. ( She even got an elk with her bow when she was 19 or 20) Her dad was so proud of that. With hunting season here, I miss him even more (if that is possible). I feel like he has his no see-um, no smell-um on and he is camo-ed up. I may not be able to see him but like the elk, I feel his presence and know that he is here.

Monday, August 25, 2008


In the dictionary , "trust" says: reliance, implicit faith, to entrust, to hope, to believe, to be confident. In the Bible it says "Don't let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God." Up until now I haven't been mad at God for taking Jay. But with so much to do I have wondered what was so important that He needed him more than I do. I need to believe, I need to trust.

This last Saturday was Mindy's wedding. The weekend before was smokin' hot. Then it rained all week. But Saturday was perfect. I just needed to trust and believe and I did. I asked my friends to help me make the wedding beautiful for Mindy. I trusted that they would and they blew me away. They are amazing. (I will post pictures soon)

I am so thankful for a God that loves me and takes such good care of me. And for family and friends that know what this girl needs and they are there for me every day in every way. I absolutely love you all.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Day in the Life

Alarm goes off it's 5:45 am.
Toast and ice tea for breakfast while I watch the news.
Great Aunt and Uncle call at 6:15 "put the coffee on, we'll be out." (They come every Tues)
7:15 coffee and visit
8:30 Taylor and Stacy and Connor help pick up garbage around the property. Crazy people party over the weekend out here in the country and throw cans. Don't want any one to think it's us.
9:30 go to Salem. Stop at janitorial supply store for supplies.
10:00 go to title company. Sign to close on house in Lyons. Yeah!! It's sold.
11:00 swing by to pick up toilets, hot water heater etc for new house at the farm.
12:30 on the way to drop off plumbing supply, stop by and mow both lawns in Lyons.
balanced 3 checkbooks, payed bills
watered flowers outside, cut down dead flowers
mowed and edged lawn
used the Bobcat to pick up debri around yard
came inside again. started a load of laundry. Ironed a few kitchen towels and Taylors shirts.
Made a few phone calls. Talked to one guy about buying Christmas trees.
Talked to another guy about a tree lot.
Made a nail appointment for next week.
Jen called. Basil plants need to be picked up tomorrow and transplanted for wedding favors.
Put stuff away from last nights bridal shower for Mindy
It's only 8:30. Guess I better make a list for tomorrow.
I need a shower and go to bed. Tomorrow is gonna be busy:)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thanks Connor

I've been so crazy busy that I haven't had time to blog but I wanted to share this with you. Last week Connor and Caleb attended Bible Camp in the evenings. On Thursday Stacy and Ryan went to the rodeo so I kept the little ones. Kenzi and I went to pick the boys up and bring them home . They were staying the night with me. So we got our jammies on (actually we all wore Jay's T-shirts) and sat in the chair with our sippy cups of milk and blankets. We were saying our prayers. They said "Our Father" with me and asked God to take care of Pa. Then we sat there quietly for a minute and Connor said " Corinthians 16 13." I looked at him and he smiled cuz he remembered hearing it at camp. I thought that was so cute since he isn't even 4 years old. So in the morning when I got up, I looked it up in the Bible. It says, "Be on your guard: stand firm in the faith: be men of courage, be strong." When I went back up stairs to see them sleeping in my bed I saw his wrist band. It said "Be Strong." So, that is what I will do. I will be strong. Thank you Connor.