Monday, August 23, 2010


Last Friday we took the punks and went to some yard sales. We love us a good yard sale. I gave them some money so they could make their own purchases. I think it is funny to see what they buy. Last time Connor bought a little coleman camp stove.
When we got home I got them some propane and we roasted marshmallows.
That was fun.
So, this time when we went, Caleb found a ball hitch. It was 50 cents.

Then Connor found one, too. They each bought them and said they would put them on their four wheelers.

When we got in the pick up they got out the handy wipes and started cleaning their balls. I said, "Boys, quit playing with your balls, we have more yard sales to go to." They said, " we want to make our balls shiney." Whatever........ I'm glad that girls don't have balls to play with. We have way more important things to do.

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