Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hunting Season

This week end is opening day of archery season. It was Jay's favorite time of the year. He hunted with a bow and arrow since riffle season falls during our tree harvest time. He was an awesome hunter. Only one year that I remember him not getting an elk was the time he came home early from his hunt to take Taylor on a youth hunt. For a couple of months he would go out early in the woods by our house and practice shooting the animals (life like targets). He would have a reed in his mouth ALL the time practicing his bugle-ing. We would often be woke up by his very loud bugle sounds. Almost every night just before dark he would be out there again shooting his bow. He was good. A few days before he was to leave for a hunt, he would wash all his camo clothes. First he would run the wash machine thru a cycle with just water to rinse any "downy" smells. Then he would wash everything in his "no see-um, no smell-um" soap. Then they had to dry outside. Most of his clothes had "scent-lock" which meant that if he sweated in them, the elk or deer still couldn't smell him. He had special soap to shower with too so that they couldn't smell him. Even his underwear was washed this way. He had camo everything. He would paint his face and sometimes his arms and hands. Stacy (our oldest daughter) hunted sometimes with him. She would have to go thru the same routine as he did. One time when she went with him she suddenly remembered that she hadn't washed her underwear in the no see-um no smell-um stuff. She had to fess up and tell him. He just looked at her and said "oh well, you can just wear some of my underwear." So she did. She would never let her dad down. ( She even got an elk with her bow when she was 19 or 20) Her dad was so proud of that. With hunting season here, I miss him even more (if that is possible). I feel like he has his no see-um, no smell-um on and he is camo-ed up. I may not be able to see him but like the elk, I feel his presence and know that he is here.


Teresa Is Awesome! said...

Cody is excited about being able to go hunting with Casey. I hope Casey kills one. I'm so lucky to have Cody living with family. After this weekend I know he fits in and is loved. I miss him but know that I can rest easier.
Thank you

linda said...

What beautiful memories...thank you for sharing them with us.

Arlene said...

Sweet husband is also a hunter and you have to live with one to know one. May his presence be ever felt by you. Arlene

Sharon said...

What a wonderful story. You had such a great man there. My heart aches for you. My hubby hunts and goes through the same routine, but you know I don't think I would ever stop to notice or appreciate that until reading this post. Thank you for making me appreciate my hubby more. I will continue to pray for you. My husband hunts and takes his boat to the mouth of the ocean and has a very dangerous job (cutting trees down) and I do realize that something could happy any time. It is good to love and appreciate people and everything about them.

I really hope you have a good day today.

God bless you.