Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another Day

We have been busy cutting, slinging, flying, bailing and loading trees. So far everything is going very smoothly. We thank you for all of your prayers.

The mountians of trees are starting to get shorter each day. I think we only have one more cut day and one more fly day. Today we sent out a couple of loads with some really big nobles. We cut a few that were 20 feet tall. They are so hard to handle. They are too big to go thru the bailer. We have to pick them up with the forks on the backhoe and place them in the truck. They take up WAY too much room.

But I have a really cute backhoe operator don't you think?

One of the big trees is going to be placed in front of city hall in Burbank California, cool huh?

These trees are just the right size for my little helpers. I better go get some doughnuts and hot chocolate for break. Gotta keep the crew happy.


Miss Mindy said...

Con & Caleb are so cute! I love them. That's cool Greg made your blog. :) I love him too! He's so awesome for helping! Your doing Great Mom!

Sharon said...

Wow! There is so much involved....I had no idea! Because my hubby is a timber faller, we usually always go to a farm and he and the boys cut ours down for us. We might get one off a lot this year because of time constraints. Perhaps we'll get one of yours!

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Love, Sharon