Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good Morning Sunshine

I had to be at one of the other farms early yesterday morning to load trucks. This is what I saw on my way. It was a beautiful sunrise. I imagined it as Jay's way of saying good morning. I know that God made the sun and the moon and all things beautiful. I just imagine Him saying to Jay, "How about you putting the sun out today for her to see." It was an awesome way to start this day.

Harvest is going very well so far. I also think Jay is looking out for us there too. A couple days ago we had the helicopter scheduled for 8 hours. On my way to the field that we would be working in the fog was moving in. When I got there I could see fog all around us. But where we were it was sunny and clear. We got to fly all day. There were many others who never got out of the fog at all that day. It has been rather sunny and warm. I really don't like the rain but I know that we need it to keep the trees fresh. Guess what, it's supposed to rain now. See what I mean? We don't want fog, we don't get fog. We need rain, we get rain. I am grateful that things are going well. This week and next will be the busiest for us. I hope things keep going well. I think they will. I wanted to show you the sunset last week out my kitchen window. What a beautiful way to end my day, too.