Friday, August 14, 2009

I know it's about time!

I have been super busy and a little distracted lately. It's not that I don't think about you all, it's just been busy. I can't believe that summer is almost over. Why does the rainy, winter months go so slow?

I remember when my kids were little and it was time to go school shopping. I used to take all four of them on the same day and try to get it done. That was a disaster. Finially, I figured it out. If I would take them one at a time and spend a day with them by themselves, it was so much more enjoyable. It would be "our" special day. We would have lunch at a special place and take our time. I thought it was fun to pick out a couple new outfits and shoes, a back pack and glue sticks and what ever else was on the list. The girls were fun. We got cool stuff. Then there was Casey. He really likes shoes. He really likes clothes, too. But Taylor, he hates to shop. It wasn't fun to shop with him or for him until I figured it out. He likes one kind of jeans. So if you know the size just get two or three and be done with that. Don't even try to dress him cute or stylish. Taylor has his own style and nobody is gonna change that. He still has lots of things in his closet with the tags still on because it just isn't him. Buy him two or three shirts and a hooded sweatshirt, a pair of romeo's and you are done. His backpack from the last few years is just fine. Boring!!! But that is just my Taylor and that is fine with me. But guess what??? Connor and Caleb are starting kindergarden this year so I was all excited to go shopping for school stuff. That is, until Stacy told me they don't need anything, Mom. They have too much stuff, Mom. No, Mom, they don't even need shoes. Well, we went shopping anyway. She let me get socks and underwear. We got super cool underwear, the under armour kind. And we got cool socks, too. And cool belts. But the thing that they thought was the coolest was....... little trial size deodorants!!! Isn't that funny? We had to get Kenzi some hello kitty panties and her own belt with rhinestones. OK, I'm done for now but just wait..... it will be Christmas soon and I am going shopping.


momonthego said...

Ahhhh.... shopping! LOVE IT!

Miss Mindy said...

do a blog!! cant wait for molly mos this weekend.

Florence said...

Oh how I remember those days, I had three girls with all three different taste, it was quite a chore, now I just pick up a thing or two for my grand kids, as their moms say they have what they need. Maybe I will see you at Molly Mos this weekend.