Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Man, talk about stress. It is almost Christmas tree harvest time again. Because of the economy and the over supply of Christmas trees, the orders are SLOWLY coming in . We usually know by now how many trees we will be harvesting. This year is different than any year before. The buyers are waiting and waiting and waiting. I am not sure what the hold up is. I know that it is a buyers market and they have the control. We have really good trees and it is hard to sell so cheap but we will have to do what ever we need to do to move a bunch of trees.

I know, too, that all of this is making me crazy. I try my best to DON'T PANIC. BE STRONG. DON'T STRESS. HAVE FAITH. BE POSITIVE. Well, let me tell you, I failed the "don't panic." My hair is all turning grey. And the "be strong", I failed that too. I cried. It didn't help. "Don't stress" made me eat all the chocolate that I could get my hands on. I do "have faith." That one I can do. I talk to God and Jay a lot. The "be positive", well, I am positive that if lots of orders don't come in real soon that I will be a grey haired, chubby, crybaby. But I will keep talking to God and to Jay and I will get focused and we will get thru this harvest.

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