Monday, October 18, 2010


It's almost Christmas tree harvest time again. You know what that means. . . . . .it means that the punks have been asking where the time sheets are. They like to turn in time sheets with hours on it of things that they have done around here to get paid for. They really do work sometimes. Other times they put stuff on their time sheets that crack me up and so I pay them for that, too. The other day it was payday and they wanted to put something on their time sheet. I asked them what the did and they said . . . . . "well, we put the clothes pins on the clothes line in groups of five." HUH??!?!? I went and looked. Sure enough, they did group them in fives. Since I haven't used the clothes line in at least a year I would have never noticed. But now that I see what they have done, I know that the next time I need to hang clothes out to dry I won't even have to worry about how many clothes pins there are. I can just look and see the groups of five :) See, they saved me time and money. I think I should pay them for that, don't you?

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