Sunday, July 6, 2008

Little Red Hen

Friday was a fun day. We went to Silverton to "Old Stuff on Main." I got a few treasures and then found a couple more at a yard sale. We came home, watched the parade, bbq'd, watched fireworks and went to bed. Saturday Mindy and I went wedding stuff shopping. We spent the whole day goofing off. Stacy and Ryan and the kids took the 4-wheelers to the mountians to ride. Casey went golfing. So did Louis. Taylor went to the Woodburn races. So it was a couple of days where everyone got to do what they wanted. Today, we got up early, read the paper and then went to church. After church I had a gigancious list of things to do. Not just for me but for everyone. I made a list and let everyone pick what they wanted to do. I was trying to be bossy and it wasn't working out to well. They would do one little thing and then go away. So I would hunt them down and show them the list again. They would pick the easiest thing and then dissappear again. I felt like the little red hen. So, I cut my prettiest roses and took them to the cemetary. That seemed to help. I just have to remember to "not sweat the small stuff." When I came back home, we all had dinner and the little monsters came out. We got in the hot tub for a little while. I took a deep breath, thanked God for my family and hope they still love their bossy
The Little Red Hen

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Anonymous said...

Of course they still love you =D have a good week!