Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fun times

Yesteday was "Taylor and My Day" with Stacy and Ryan. (It was our gift from them for Christmas) Casey got to come along, too. We started out the morning leaving home at 7 am. Stacy and Ryan picked us up. They had hot, fresh from the oven cinnamon rolls and sunny delights for us. YUM!

We headed over the Santiam Pass to the Sportsman Show in Redmond. This has been a favorite place to go for a while. Jay used to love to talk the talk with all the hunters and fishers. He would take in all the seminars on survival training and elk bugeling and coyote hunting. I sure wish he was here with us.

There was a lot of snow on the mountian pass. We took it slow and easy. We got to chat alot on the way. Lots of "Jay" memories were told.
First we went to Bend. We used our little magellan gps to find a couple yard sales. Everyone found a treasure or two. Ryan got a live trap. Taylor got some tools and drill bits. Stacy found an archetectural piece to put on the wall. Casey found a record album for Cody and I got a little mirror. That was fun but they boys were anxious to get to the show.

We took in a dutch oven cooking class and looked at lots of camp trailers, four wheelers and boats. I think Ryan was trying to talk Stacy into a boat.

Do you think she is impressed? There were lots of things to look at and samples to taste. It was super windy and really cold outside, so we looked fast and then went on our way. After a late lunch we went to Sisters to get a treat at the bakery. If you haven't been to Sisters Bakery you really should go there. Then we started on our way home (the back way.) THRU the woods, ON DIRT ROADS COVERED with about 10" of snow!!! Boys and their 4 wheel drives. Good thing we had our donuts and gps. What if we get stuck????
After a while we made it back to the main highway. It was snowing and blowing and freezing and getting close to dark. Right there on top of the pass was a guy riding a bicycle over the mountian. What in the world was he thinking? It was a long way from anywhere. I couldn't quit thinking about him. Where was he going? Will he freeze to death? How will people see him in the dark with the wind blowing and the snow? About that time we passed a woman driving with her window down. She had to see where she was going out the side window cuz her windshield wipers wouldn't work and her front windshield was iced over. OH MY GOSH!! Just get me home!! Back to my warm house where I am safe and people aren't crazy. Thanks Stacy and Ryan, we all had a great day!
Today is Sunday and the kids are coming out for dinner. I was inspired by the dutch oven guys so I think we will have a chili cook off. I guess if I make all the chili (regular chili and white chicken chili) then I win!! I'm just glad we won't be traveling in the pickup with the boys tomorrow:)


Teresa Is Awesome! said...

Chili cook off you should have one with cody. What a good day to spend with family.

Sharon said...

What a fun day you had! How wonderful. I love your Christmas traditions!

Hugs, Sharon