Monday, March 2, 2009

Time on my hands

I was just thinking last week that I needed something to do. I have time on my hands. I like to be busy. I am looking forward to the time change so that we have more daylight hours. And then if I could just get it to just stop raining.

Well, just when I think I am bored, then there seems like a lot of things happen. Last Thursday my Mother and Father-in-law came up for a few days. Casey took Papa to the state wrestling tournament and we got Granny to ourselves for a couple days.

On Friday us girls went to the Portland Yard and Garden Show.

It was MORE than amazing. I came home from there with WAY too many things that I want to do.

Those people are too creative. We spent the afternoon ooh and aahhing.

Then we had to get home so we could go to OSU to the gymnastics meet. Jami is a senior this year and she only has a couple more home meets, so we didn't want to miss it.
Then on Saturday, Stephanie and I went to meet a couple nice ladies that we have been blogging with.

It is fun to finally get to talk in person to them. It seems like we already knew each other. After all we read about their families daily and know what they have for dinner and how they decorate their houses. We already knew their husbands names and their kids too. It was like meeting old friends.

We had lunch and went to a couple cute shops. I hope we can do that again. What special friends they are. God just keeps blessing me with these awesome people in my life.

Sunday was kinda kicked back. After church we had more company for lunch. Jay's nephiew and his wife and two adorable little girls stopped by. (I didn't get any pictures, sorry.) Then, later that evening we had dinner. All the kids came out. I love it when they are all here. I kinda picture it like that in Heaven. Like God welcomes everyone home for dinner. He prepares all their favorite foods and they laugh and love. That's how I like my Sundays.


Sharon said...

You do have such a blessed life Pam! I know it is so hard without Jay, but I am so happy that you have so many wonderful, awesome people in your life! It was so nice to meet you in person and get to know you more. I sure hope that we can do it again!

Love, Sharon
P.S. Is that your dining table? It is huge! It is amazing! I have always wanted a really long old farm table to fit the whole family!

Tropicana Rose said...

I have to agree about Sundays Pam. I always invite all my family over for Sunday dinners. Last weekend we had my Grandpa, who is 93 playing the drums on rockband!!!That one will be hard to forget...I love it! I thought the kids were gonna fall out of their chairs. Those are always the best times.

Love, Jamie

Anonymous said...

That is so cool, I remember that night! Do you still have yours? Well I'm glad you remember where i got it, its on display in my room now. Where is the picture of the Chicken Tractor? Anyway have a fun weekend!
Love, Brandie