Thursday, September 17, 2009

Second time around

Our friend Denise is having a sale at her house on Saturday. She has been working really hard to make lots of really cool stuff that girls like us need. There are things like chalk boards and old doors, buckets of mums for your porch and cool birdhouses. I know that you will really like this stuff. Come take a look. It is this Saturday, September 19th from 8 till 5 at 1253 Sceinic View Court in Stayton. I hope you can make it. I just hope I get there first!!!!

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Teresa Is Awesome! said...

I missed another good sale. You won't believe this. My hockey team has had games the last 2 saturdays, So we went yard saleing before. Once in San Jose and the other one in chico. The girls have bought items at both. In Chico the guy gave them books because they were going to buy them but he thought it was refreshing to see young people want to read.