Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor day weekend

What a busy weekend. Casey and Cody, Mindy and Louis and the other Mindy left on Friday evening to head south. Stacy and the little cowboys stayed here and went to Taylor's football game with me. Then we loaded up at dark thirty and headed south. Our mission was to paint the barns at Granny and Papa's in Lakeview.
Connor and Caleb took their live trap. I told them I would pay them $1 each for live chipmunks. I don't think they will catch many chipmunks if they are sitting on the cage.

The boys got started painting before we got there.

These are really good boys. They worked hard.

Mindy tried to hide so she wouldn't have to help.

Oh, I see you Mindy. Maybe you could get the boys something cold to drink.

There, thats better. At least you are doing something.

Papa came to check on us. He had his little girls with him.

There was important jobs like drivng the tractor. And jobs like watching the guy in the scoop of the tractor.

We even had armed guards to keep the squirrels away so they wouldn't bother us while we were working.

We scraped and painted most of the day.

There was alot of this going on.

Even this was happening.

Granny was at the house fixing dinner for her crew.

She didn't have to call them twice to come and eat.

Hey stand still Taylor. I want to take your picture. You're cute.

You're cute too.

Obviously, I wasn't working too hard. I was the picture taker lady.

Here's what the barns looked like when we got done.

Pretty cool, huh?

After they got finished, they cleaned up and went to town to the Lake County Fair. Granny and Papa bought them tickets to see Aaron Tippin in concert. I stayed home with the little guys. I am a party pooper and go to bed earlier than my kids do.

The next day they finished painting and then got out the big boy toys.

Some people might think this is work, but at Papa's house it's just fun.

This is the face of someone who loves to drive equipment and get dirty. It doesn't get any better than that.

On Monday morning we took some family pictures.

We said our good byes and everyone headed home.

We made a couple more stops on the way home. First at Grandpa and Pink Grandma's house. The rug rats had to ride the ranger with Pink Grandma to feed the chickens. Then one more stop to say goodbye to Great Great Grandma.

Then it was over the mountian and thru the woods. A very long five hours in the pickup with tired, cranky little ones. We stopped one time to stretch our legs and play for a minute and then back on the road.

Safe and sound back home. What a busy three days. Did I tell you how much I love these guys?


Sharon said...

What a special day you had! You're family is just amazing! I love these pictures of everyone working hard together and enjoying each other! You are really blessed!

Hugs, Sharon

Teresa Is Awesome! said...

I was so sad I missed all the fun!