Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fraternity House Mom

Yesterday our newest house member showed up. My nephew, Jesse, will be living with us while going to college to be a fireman. We are all excited! Another boy!!!!! Casey is working out of town during the week. So we just get to see him on the weekends. Cody is working out of town too but commutes each day. We get to see him in the evenings. Taylor is in high school and playing football. He is home in the evenings and weekends. Now, Jesse, will start school next week but will be here afternoons, evenings and weekends. I love my boys. I was just thinking about all this testosterone around here. Who's pickup is louder, who's tires are cooler and stuff like that. It is almost like a fraternity. So much boy talk. I am glad that they all get along AND that they aren't picky eaters. I am pretty sure there will be requests for biscuits and gravy but not quiche. Maybe some steak and chili but not salad and steamed vegetables. I think we just might go thru alot of cookies and brownies but not biscoti or scones. Oh, well I can do that. It isn't too far to the girls houses. I can always count on them for some girl time, a pedicure, a little retail therapy or a lunch at the Olive Garden. Maybe we could come up with a name for our "frat house." What about Phi Kappa Lamba? And I am pretty sure I will need to set claim on one of the tv's. I'm really not into "Trick my Truck" or "Ultimate Fight Club". And they most likely won't want to watch "Dancing with the Stars." But as long as they turn their socks right side out and pick up after themselves, sorta, we will get along just fine.

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momonthego said...

Never a dull moment around there! LOL