Friday, June 11, 2010


PHILOSOPHY: if God has a face, surely it is that of a child. and if there is a place called Heaven, it must smell like a baby. and if we do live forever, it must be in the pure joy of a child's innocent laughter. and if we have lived before, then the arrival of your baby feels like reconciling with the most important spirit you've ever loved or will love. in the eyes of a baby, we feel all the fragility and all of the magic of the universe and beyond.
(I don't know who said this...but it is true)


adsgram said...

That little man is GORGEOUS, Grammie. I won't ever get another teeny grandchild, so give him big 'squishes' for me. Enjoy him as I know you will!


CeAnne said...

That must be why God wants us to be as little children, they are pure, innocent and close to Him :) Congrats on the new grandson!