Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Times

When you were young were there certain things that you will always remember about someone or some place that you went? I can remember when we would go to my cousins Grandma's house, there was this ladle hanging by the kitchen sink. That is what we used to get a drink of water. Not a glass. Not a cup, but a ladle. It was so cool. I also remember when we stayed the night at Uncle Paul's house he would always make us popcorn with real butter and gave us a soda pop in a bottle. We thought we were special. This last weekend Stacy and the kids traveled with me back home to attend a wedding at a friends ranch.

It is a five and a half hour drive each way. We had barely started on our trip when the little punks started asking "are we almost to Freddie's yet? "Freddie" is a little old Indian that lives out in the middle of a meadow close to where we were going. He lives there alone. He doesn't own a car. He rides a bike. I don't even think that he has electricity. He has an old chair out on his front porch and he sits there and waves to everyone that passes by. The punks couldn't wait to wave to Freddie.

When we finially got to "my town" we stopped to see my Grandma. She is an amazing lady that will be 95 years old next month. She lives alone except for her cat,"Stupid." Stupid was given to her years ago by her neighbor when he moved away. He was the one who named her Stupid. For some reason the little punks love to go to Grandma's house just to see her cat and call it Stupid.

The wedding was beautiful. Grandma was beautiful. We got to wave at Freddie. And, Stupid........ well she was older and stupider than the last time we were there.
The little punks made smores by the fire. They took apart an old lawn mower and they danced with the pretty girls at the wedding. Sunday we headed back home. Freddie wasn't there on the porch when we went by. But when we go back next month for Grandma's birthday party I am sure that we will be looking for Freddie and maybe, if we remember, we can pack some treats for Stupid the cat.


City Girl Country Heart said...

Good ol' Freddie!The first time we went "there", we got the history of the town and such on the way. It was very cool, we had our very own tour guide!
Happy Summer !

momonthego said...

Love your terms of endearment Pam! Looks like a great trip!


Kathi said...

This story is so sweet. It's wonderful that you get to introduce your grandkids to the simple pleasures that you remember. It's funny that they call the cat "Stupid." I really have to ask, did you get to show them that ladle? Isn't it amazing that we all had things like the ladle or drinking off the same cup or bottle as a kid or the garden hose and none of us got sick? Aaah, the simple things are sometimes the best things. Kathi

Teresa Is Awesome! said...

I'm going to have to look for Freddie. It sounds and looks like you had fun. I had a yard sale today. I would rather go to them than have a yard sale! Cody and Dixie don't like the heat, tomorrow it is suppose to be our first 100 degrees.
Love Teresa