Friday, June 11, 2010

Welcome baby Maddox

Louis and Mindy's family grew by two feet last night!! Maddox Jay arrived at 10:55 pm and weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds 13 ounces. Everyone is doing fine. Stacy and I stayed in the room with them and helped welcome Maddox into the world. After lots of pushes and a couple of #*?%#'s he finally arrived...... And then I cried.

My baby had a baby!!! But then I smiled a giant smile when I saw how proud they both were. When I got home there were lots of teenage kids running around my house. Some in the hot tub, some not. I was not happy. Who told these kids they could be here while I wasn't home. Then I started to cry again. Teenageers make me crazy. Soon I was smiling again thinking about Mindy and Louis and what they just signed up for....... teenagers someday! As I layed down in my bed I started crying again. It was just so hard to not have Jay here to experience this whole day with me. He would be so happy. Today, the sun came out, the birds were singing. The only kids at my house were the ones that live here. I went back up to the hospital to see my newest grandbaby. He is just perfect. It's a good day. I have alot to smile about. (this is the song that was playing in the labor room last night...tonights gonna be a good night)


adsgram said...

Congratulations to the whole family, Pam. Mindy and Louis do have a whole lot ahead of them, but with you as an example, they will do just fine. They look so happy...and Jay is smiling down at all of you. I know you can feel his love...God Bless you all!


Kathi said...

Pam, What a precious darling baby! I'm so happy for you and for them. You had a whirlwind of experiences and emotions that day. I can imagine your feeling about missing Jay and needing him with you and wanting him to experience this joy with you. I'm so sorry he is not here with you. God bless you as time passes and you see little grins and expressions and traits, coloring and mannerisms in this little child that are the spitting image of Jay. Your son and his wife will do a good job just like you and Jay have done.

Hugs from Kathi