Wednesday, January 23, 2008

All Better Now

Today I woke up still with this cold. But I was a good girl and got on the treadmill. The little ones were gone to daycare until noon. But when they got here it was like a hurricane hit. They were snotty, bratty mean little tazmanian devils. They were driving me crazy. It was too cold to be outside for long so they were terrorizing me in this house. Just when I was about to explode, we loaded them in the pickup to run an errand. It took less than 2 miles and they were all three asleep. So, one errand led to a cute little shop I like to go to. Inside was a vender just unloading her treasures for sale. I naturally couldn't resist two primitive shelves, a jar and a candle. Back inside the pickup (with their mom) were the little taz devils, still sleeping but transforming into little angels. With a smile on my face cuz of my new stuff, we stopped and got some "bug juice". I took the little angels home. Now I am cleaning up the mess they left and can't wait to see their cute little faces tomorrow.


Auntie Joy said...

Yes indeed Miss Kinsey (is that how you spell it? I forgot to notice..) anyway she is a sweet little angel for sure. I do think it is amazing how enough sleep makes such a difference in our little guys.. welll big guys too... for that matter girls too.. What about the 29th and expo??

Stephanie said...

That was a lot of fun today wasnt it ?! I could stand to go back there soon, I might need a few more...... uh - candles?!

Thanks for taking me to another cool shop :)