Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Time to have some fun

I was trying to do a better job of what I ate and how much I exercised, but the more I try the harder it is. I fixed a really healthy dinner and then the doorbell rang. It was the Schwann man. He hasn't been here forever. So I had to buy some ice cream ( for the little ones:) I did get the trim creations fudge bars. Man are they good and zero points for one!! Then I made these yummy brownie/fiber cookies. I got the recipe from Stephanie. They are really good especially right out of the oven. But one wasn't enough so I had two. Better not go anywhere tonight. Mindy calls them the 5 minute cookies. You know where I will be in 5 minutes.
All this chocolate!! I think I am just stressing out about my mamogram tomorrow. Why don't guys have to get something squished once a year? Oh, well. I think I will have another fudge bar. If one is zero points, then 2 must be only 1 point. Tata for now.


Stephanie said...

Ok, You CRACK me up !!!
I cant quit laughing !
The 5 minute cookies, that is a new name for them.
Atleast you are trying to be healthy. Next time Mr Schwans comes to you, let me know - I would love to try those dang ice cream things. 0 points, you cant beat that.
Well, good luck tomorrow, I have to go do that in 3 months -ugh !
Stay Bloggin' Baby :)

Auntie Joy said...

Actually I think if 1 is zero then 2 must be negative 1?? I tagged you!! Check my blog for info..