Friday, May 30, 2008

Taylor's 16th Birthday

Where is Taylor and who is this man? It seems like he should still be playing with his trucks in the dirt pile.
Sometimes things work out well. Sometimes life is good. Like you're given a son to care for and love. So you try to bring him up well, to let him know how important he is to you. And before you know it, he's and adult, looking you in the eye and grinning with that smile that comes straight from the heart. And you think to yourself, "Hey, he turned out good." And your own heart fills up with love again. Happy Birthday to a good man and a wonderful son. Love you Taylor, Mom.


linda said...

What a handsome son, with gorgeous eyes. Happy Birthday to Taylor!

My son is 22 and I wonder where the years went. He's a wonderful young man...but I sometimes miss my LITTLE boy so much that my heart hurts! I guess it's all part of being a mom.

Anonymous said...

WOw! He has grown up a ton =D Happy Bday BigT

Sharon said...

Happy birthday to Taylor!How neat that he is born on the same day as my son! Thank you for your kind comments! Wow, what a compliment you gave me, but I want you to know it has not all been a bed of roses and I give God the credit and the glory for my four beautiful sons!

Have a wonderful weekend!

:0) Sharon

BittersweetPunkin said...

Happy Birthday to Taylor! My DD just turned 15....they grow so fast...where are the years going??

Teresa Is Awesome! said...

They grow up so fast but he will always be your baby. Cody hates it when I tell him he is my baby. It seems just like yesterday I was meeting you and Jay for the first time. Time flys by.
Love Teresa