Monday, May 5, 2008

They get it!!

The first few days following Jay's accident I found myself wondering , "why him?" I remember sitting in church looking at an old couple thinking , "why not him instead?" They look like they had been married a long time. Why did God take Jay and end my happiness? But then I thought how rude of me to think like that. After a while I stopped thinking like that and started thinking of how good my life was. Jay always made me happy. Sometimes it was just a look or a smile that made me feel loved. Now when I see other couples I am not jealous of their happiness. It makes my heart smile when they "get it." Sometimes it is just a wink or a touch. At the baseball game the other day, Joe stood behind Teri's chair. His hand on her shoulder. It made my heart smile to see their gentle affection. Or when I was talking to Shane and asked where was Ronna? He said, "Oh, Peach? She is getting her hair cut." He always calls her Peach. That is his sweet name for her. How cute is that? They really love each other. I like it when I see people who love each other and show it. It makes me happy. They get it! Don't ever miss an opportunity to love someone. Let them know how special they are. Have fun. Laugh. Do things together. Your happiness makes me happy. I even smile when I read someones blog that I don't even know and they are going out on a special date. I thank God for all the fun times I had with Jay. And I am thankful that he wasn't afraid to tell me or show me that he loved me. I'm so glad we got it. I hope you get it too!


Anonymous said...

Yes,I do..... My prayers are with you daily. It's a wonederful gifts we have is OUR MEMORIES we've had with our LOVED ONE....we all cherish that memories in our life. Yes, we all need to spend more time with our love one and not get caught up with other things. You have a Blessed Day today. Luv and Hugs.... :)

BittersweetPunkin said...

This is a beautiful post....we are experiencing somewhat of a similar hard time right now due to a recent loss...and I am amazed at OTHER people who just don't get IT!

Thanks for the insight...