Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Control Tower

For a pilot, the control tower helps you with take off and landings. It also guides you thru storms when visibility is low. If you are lost it can bring you back on course. In some cases it can guide you when you can't see at all.
Jay is with Our Heavenly Father in the control tower now. I look to them daily to guide me in the right direction when I can't see what is ahead of me. I ask them to help me to get safely where I am going. They help me with take offs when I'm not sure what I am doing and help me with soft landings at the end of the day. I am glad to have total confidence that I can get thru any storm with Them in the control tower.


linda said...

This brought me to tears...isn't it wonderful to have that assurance that you are not alone!

Teresa Is Awesome! said...

This also brought tears to my eyes. You are so strong! You made a great analogy.
Love Teresa

Stephanie said...

Stay strong Pam.
Always know Jay is watching over you and is now giving you guidance from up above. I know he is listening to you and helping you with good and bad days. I hope the good days start to out-weigh the bad.
You are all so strong, together you can make it through this.
Love Stephanie

Sharon said...

I am glad that God is in the control tower guiding our lives. I am sorry to ask, but I don't know, who is Jay? Was he your husband? I am sorry for your loss. Is that a picture of him flying the plane? He looks so happy.

Bless you,


Anonymous said...

Stay Strong!! Jay looks happy in the picture. Love to see your grandkid pictures...THey are a blessing!! You have a bless day. Kathy