Monday, September 1, 2008

Home is where my heart says AHHHHH!

Last weekend my sister came to help me with Mindy's wedding. She used to be a florest so it was her job (along with many other jobs) to make the brides bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets and all the coursages and boutonniers. They were awesome. So this week end after Taylor's football jamboree on Saturday morning, we drove 5 hours to Lakeview to help her in her concession wagon at the Lake County Fair. Her booth sells Indian Taco's. They are made by stretching bread dough and deep frying it. Then you top it with refried beans, taco seasoned meat, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, onions, salsa, sour cream, olives, jalepeno's and guacamole. I don't know the population of Lakeview but I am sure that every person who lives there came by on Sunday at least once and had an Indian taco. It was insane. I too had to have one.... And a piece of fried bread.... And a deep fried ice cream. Fatty fatty two by four couldn't get thru the kitchen door. I think I will eat only vegetables for a week. (sure) Taylor and I headed home this morning after visiting with my Grandma. She is the cutest 93 year old Grandma I know. After sayin good-by to my mom and dad we headed up the road for 5 hours back home. Home is where my heart says AHHHH.


adsgram said...

You have definitely said it all...Home is where your heart says Ahhh, and where you know they love ya!


Sharon said...

It sounds like you have been so busy. I am glad you get to relax in your home now.I love being in my snuggy home!

xox Sharon