Monday, April 6, 2009


We live on a farm. And on a farm there are usually animals. We have chickens, a dog and three cats. When Taylor was a little guy, I took him with me one time to JJ's. It is a junque shop out in the country. When you go to JJ's there is always a litter of kittens. The mama cat's name is Margaret Mary and I think she has had a million kittens. This time when I was there, Joyce asked me if I wanted a kitten. So I said sure. Jerry went and got a box and brought it to me. But inside wasn't one, but three kittens. He said one would be so lonesome so we brought three home. Taylor named the kittens Ed, Edd and Eddy. To make things easier we called Edd, Double D.

Then a few years ago we had this black cat. She was really fat when she was about to have kittens and they started calling her Mandisa (after the large black lady on American Idol)

Well, now we have three cats. One man cat and two mama cats. They act nice. They rub up against the patio window. They come running when you go to feed them but they are wild. You can't catch them. The mama's are both pregnant. We can't catch them to take them to the vet to have them fixed.

Anyway, the man cat we call Shy Ted, (that is really shit head) but you can't say that around the little guys.

The calico one is Hoochie Mama. She is always pregnant.

And then there is Toot.

I don't know why she is Toot that's just what the boys named her. A couple days ago Shy Ted got in a fight and he is limping on his back foot. Connor says that Toot whipped him. They must be fighting about who gets to stay in the cat house. We will have kittens soon. Let me know if you want one!!!!


NanaBanana said...

I think I like Shy Ted best.

Teresa Is Awesome! said...

Yes I'm looking for barn cats but that would be a long trip for them. I can't stand mice so I need a good mouse cat. Cody says I need to visit JJ's next week when I come up; will you please take me!

Miss Mindy said...

You forgot about the cat we had that had a black mark on his upper lip that Casey called Hitler. Oh my!

Sharon said...

Well, they are all just beautiful. When we moved here we had wild cats living under the deck and we had to set a trap to get them and we took them to the pound. Hey, Pam, I wanted to let you know that Grayson and Hayden have a track meet in that town near you. I'll be there tomorrow at around 4:30, it would be fun to run into you!

Hugs, Sharon