Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Casey

After having two girls, dad and I were so happy to have a son. You were so cute. Dad would call you his "little man." It looks like we knew early on that you would be a baseball player.

This little sailor suit that you were wearing was made out of Grandpa's sailor suit from when he was in the navy. Cool, huh!
When you were three we got a puppy. We named her Tiarra, just like the dog Dad had when he was a boy.
Hey, look at those socks. I remember that you would NOT wear socks that had a seam across the toes. It was really hard to find socks that you WOULD wear.

Here's another picture of you with a baseball helmet on and cleats.

I'm sure you are getting some really good advise from Papa.

For 6 years you got to be the baby in the family.

Then you grew up and started preschool. Mrs. Laura was your teacher. Isn't that funny that she is Connor and Caleb's preschool teacher too. (and she is their Grandma)

When you started first grade, you went from being a baby brother (to Stacy and Mindy, ) to being a big brother to Taylor.

You were so cute without your front teeth.

You were a really good big brother, most of the time. There were times tho that you would make weird noises at night in your room just to scare Taylor.

This is you when you made your first communion at church. You were ssssoooo cute.

You look way too innocent.

And innocent you were not. You and Austin used to steal Hailey's Victoria Secret Catalogs and sell them to Thomas.

When we would go to Alaska you would make Dad and I crazy. You would want to stay in the motel all day and watch tv. We would be out fishing and catching them like crazy. Finially, you would come out to the river and throw in your hook, and you would have your limit in no time at all. You didn't know what the fuss was all about.

In high school, we enjoyed watching you play ball. Dad knew alot about softball, you taught him alot about baseball.

Then there was proms and pretty girls. Your mom wasn't the coolest girl in your world anymore.

Cute girls and cool cars. Graduation came way too fast.

High School years go by and before you know it you are going to college.

I have Dad's student body card from Junior College and yours from Chemeketa Community College. It amazes me how much you two look alike. You have so many of the same things you do and say. The apple really didn't fall very far from the tree.

Dad would be proud of the man you are. You have big shoes to fill and I know you will.

Just remember to have some fun along the way.

Happy Birthday Casey. Love ya to the moon and back again, Mom.


Teresa Is Awesome! said...

Casey is a handsome man and a splitting image of Jay. Happy birthday Casey. They grow up so fast! Thanks for the wonderful visit last week.
Love Teresa

NanaBanana said...

Love the pics of Casey, he is an awesome guy. He will fill the shoes. Happy Birthday.

Miss Mindy said...

Happy Birthday Brother! Good Looking and funny, you take after your sisters too! Loved the blog Mom it was wonderful.

Auntie Joy said...

It made me cry it was so sweet and I didn't even know him when he was a little guy! But they do get big so fast!! You know its happening but can't slow it down, so you just have to enjoy the ride. Nothing more precious thanout babies.

Sharon said...

What a beautiful tribute to Casey! He is such a handsome man and what a cute little baby and little boy he was! You are such a great mother Pam! Hug him tight for me!

Hugs, Sharon