Thursday, April 9, 2009

Last weekend with the peeps!

Just a few pictures of our activities last weekend.
Friday before school, I met the boys at the farm store. They helped me pick out some baby chicks. We only have one hen and one rooster and so we needed some more.
Here's Kenzi in her leapord print jacket and hat. I hope she doesn't scare the little chicks!!!
Saturday we went to Al's Garden Center for kids day.
They got to start seeds for their gardens.
They planted cucumbers, pumpkins, cherry tomatoes and carrots.
Mariah got to come with us. She is Stacy's niece. She is a sweetheart.

The kids have lots of fun learning about gardening but I think it's a trick to get mom's and nana's in there where all the pretty flowers are. It worked. I had to have some.

From there we went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. The tulips weren't blooming yet but there were lots of other things to do.

Kenzi rode a pony. She thought she was soooo big.

The boys thought this parrot was cool.

And they had to check out the rhino.

We had a little lunch and headed home.

Sunday after church the boys came home with me to help in the yard.

They talked Taylor into building a fire in the fire pit. They worked hard and I paid them in dilly bars.


Miss Mindy said...

ohh I loved all your pictures! Looks like you had fun with the little stinkers. I asked Connor if he wanted to come with Caleb and I to my house to do laundry and I would pay him. He said, no, I already have a job...I work for Nana. :) Little Brat sure makes me laugh!

Kathi said...

Pam, What gorgeous and fun photos. Your grandkids look like they are having so much fun. I just love spring and the new baby animals. Hugs, Kathi

Anonymous said...

That looks like a whole lotta fun! ha what Mindy said is funny! The boys are the cutest, and little Kinzers is so sassy. I love those three !