Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kids say funny stuff

On Monday we were at Taylor's baseball game. The boy that was up to bat foul tipped the ball. It shot like a bullet off the bat and hit the umpire in the hand. It looked like it hurt pretty bad. Well, ever since the kids were small, I always carry a first aid kit and extra instant ice bags in the pick up. Stacy was standing by me and wondered if we should ask him if he needed some ice. But we watched and waited a few minutes. That's when Connor said to me, " Nana, do you want me to get some ice for the vampire?" Oh, those little guys crack me up!!!

Last week both Connor and Caleb stayed the night with me. We were laying in bed saying our prayers. Caleb had said his and it was Connor's turn. He said "and forgive us our tresspasses, and liberty and justice for all." Are they cute or what?!!


momonthego said...

They are so cute! When I taught preschool the kids cracked me up everyday. I love that age!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Adorable photos and such cute sayings!

I enjoyed catching up on your posts...I especially liked "Shy Ted"!! LOL

Miss Mindy said...

ok I laughed so hard I cried....That stuff was funny! They should go on that show with Bill Cosby, "Kids say the Darnest Things"

Teresa Is Awesome! said...

Speaking for the umpire, you are never suppose to show or say it hurt. Thats the umpire code according to Jug!

the hearts of hartmann said...

Very cute :)
Have a great weekend with your family, lets do another shopping day soon !
Take Care,