Saturday, June 20, 2009

The little peeps have been gone since last Saturday. Their other Grandma and Grandpa took them camping to Eastern Oregon for the week. We have gotten phone calls telling us of the fun adventures they are having. They hand fed some deer, caught chipmunks in their hats, caught fish, rode trams and lots of other fun times. I really can't wait till they get home. I need some sweet kisses from those little guys.
Taylor was gone too. He was at football camp for 6 days. Talk about quiet around here. I didn't even know what to do. I thought Costco was gonna call and ask where I was. I was really glad when he got home. He got home Thursday night and we had a baseball game last night (Friday). We were supposed to have a double header today but not enough boys to play. Some of the boys play basketball, baseball and football. So they split up their time. The boys are really busy, so are their parents getting them to all the games.
I have been busy tidy-ing up the yard. Next Sunday is the garden tour and I still have lots to do. I put on some weed and feed but Stacy thinks I got the wrong stuff. She said maybe it was feed the weeds.
I get easily distracted. An estate sale here, a garden shop there. Here a ballgame, there a ballgame. Oh well, it will look just fine. I like it, so I bet others will too. It is raining out now and freshing everything up. Tomorrow I have a few things to plant, a couple projects to finish and maybe another idea or two. I'm sure the boys will be glad when I get finished. They are pretty good helpers.
Cody is coming home today. He is bringin us our puppies. (One for him and one for us)
Today is Fathers Day and I feel like I have the best father and father in law in the world. I love them to pieces. I hope they both have an awesome day.
I can tell you this, neither one of them will ever know a day that I don't love them with all my heart.


Sharon said...

You sound so busy yet things are quiet for you. I bet you miss thosse little sweeties (and the big one too!), they are all so cute. Thanks for your sweet comment, you're the best. I would love to come up for a visit some time, that would be a blast. I hope that the garden tour goes well. I'm feeling better about things, it is horrible when you get hit hard with the blues. I don't know how you do it, you always seem so positive and happy. I'm am happy for you.

Talk to you soon, Sharon

Florence said...

I love your blogspot and I love that I got to meet you. I know there are garden angels all around you my new friend. You have one awesome family surrounding you.