Monday, June 29, 2009

Garden Tour

Come on, I'll take you on my garden tour. It was a beautiful day and lots of really nice people came out. I got to show off a bit. Grab a cute water bottle and a yummy cookie and lets take a walk. Enjoy!!


Sue said...

WOW....I am speechless! SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I would love it here. I can't believe all the work you must do to make it look like this. I will be visiting you again!

Kara Nicholson said...

My mom and dad had a great time, they took pictures and I looked at them last night. Very beautiful Pam!!!

This Country Girl said...

Oh my goodness, it's absolutely gorgeous! Talk about inviting...can I come over???? :)
I love your porch! It looks like alot of work on your part has paid off...your garden is beautiful!

You've got some adorable grandkids there too!

Have a great week! :)

Miss Mindy said...

Cutest Yard Ever! Good Job Mom. Now you can come help me make mine cute!

Dory said...

abso-stinkinlutely gorgeous.. I want to live in your yard!! Good job Pam, I would love to bring the boys and just let them see all you have there... Okay I really just want to go for my sake!


Auntie Joy said...

Now I'm sorry I didn't come back on Sunday!! Just so very lovely, you are really reaping the benefits of what you sow!(is that how you spell that?? It's not sew and not so??)Maybe I should get off the computer and read the bible??
P.S. Thanks again for bringing us dinner, not like you didn't have enough to do Friday!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! I'm speechless, so I think you know how fabulous your yard is when I can't TALK!!!!!
Definitely magazine cover worthy!!
Love - Karen

Faded Charm said...


Your yard is gorgeous! I really enjoyed looking at all your pics. You have some great outbuildings and looks like you've found places for all your great treasures.

Hope to see you at Diane's sale this summer.

Take care,

Molly Mo's said...

Wow, it's so adorable! I still want get up there to see it in person, did you get my message?


Jen said...

I was in heaven in your garden! Thank you for sharing! Here are my favorite photos from the tour:

Thanks again!


Sammy Girl said...

OH MY!! GOODNESS!! Everything is so lovely -- I feel bad that I was not able to come and join you -- but I pretended I was there with the FAB pics.
Did you make the quilts I see "here and there" in your garden for the tour?
Have a super day, and hugs!
Betty :)

Sharon said...

Wow! There are so many cute touches everywhere we look! I love the old quilts out on the line, what a simple yet awesome idea! I also love all the cute spots to sit around your porch. I would love to come visit you sometime this summer!

Hugs, Sharon

Wendy said...

Your garden is amazing. I am going to Sisters Oregon next week... I wish I could have stopped by for your garden tour.
You must be exhausted from all that work? I am so glad I found your blog.
-Mrs Peeks Farmhouse

Teresa Is Awesome! said...

Everything looks beuatiful! Tha mail box, neat. I'm jealous. All of the cats are still alive.
Love Teresa

Anonymous said...

Than you for posting your beautiful photos of your garden and home. Do you have a tour comming up? Thank you kathy