Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Family reunion

We were up at O'dell Lake a little over a week ago for a family reunion. My Grandma (who will be 94 in a couple weeks) and four of her brothers were there.

Doesn't she look awesome? She is the best. She lives by herself . She has lots of family near her. They look after her day and night.

This is her brother Wally. He is from Minnesota. He will be 91 this month. He is the leader of exercise classes where he lives. He walks every day. A m a z i n g!!

This is another brother, Uncle Lawrence. He went sky diving a few years ago for his 80 something birthday.

This one is Uncle Lloyd. He lives near me. Him and Auntie Jean come to my house for coffee every Tuesday morning.

Here is Uncle Dick. He is the youngest of Grandma's siblings. It was awesome to have them all together for the weekend.

They had lots of stories to tell. It was fun to listen to them.

The little guys were busy playing in the lake
and the big kids played a serious game of horseshoes. Some went fishing while others went on a hike.
Me, I pretty much stayed in camp and hogged, I mean held, babies.
The guys did most of the cooking
while others just hung out looking way too cute. It was a really fun weekend. I LOVE my family.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, could your family get anymore cute???