Thursday, July 2, 2009

puppy shots

Did I tell you that we got two puppies? Cody got one and we got one. They are blood hounds. They are soooooo cute. Ours is Gurty (short for Gurtrude) and Cody's is Dixie. Anyway, today the boys helped me take them to the vet for their shots. On the way home Caleb asked me, "why did they need shots." I told him, "so they don't get sick." He thought for a minute and then he said, " well we better take our chicken to the vet cuz he has dirariah!" Oh, man, they crack me up.


adsgram said...

Oh my gosh, Pam! Gurty is SOOOO cute! Have a great 4th with her and the kids!


Teresa Is Awesome! said...

I went to some yard sales yesterday and I found some treausures! I found 2 walk behind plows, milk cream sifter and an old metal tractor tire with spikes. You and Cody have me hooked. Your puppy is so cute. I can't wait to see them in person.
Love Teresa

Tropicana Rose said...

Oh Pam !!!
Casey was telling us the other day about the new puppies. Harley and I couldn't resist getting out the movie "The fox and the hound". We laughted so hard at those cute little voices and imagined your little Gurdy announcing to the boys trying to be all tuff...I'm a hound dog!!! and then tripping over her floppy ears! aww man too cute!