Sunday, July 19, 2009

A new attitude

Every day I am more aware of how important family is. Whether it is a wedding, a graduation, a reunion, or a funeral. I don't know how people without close family ties can get by. On Thursday Stacy and I flew to Northern California to attend a funeral. Just to be with family in sad times makes it a little easier. On Friday when we flew home we were seated in seperate rows. Sometimes I think God does these things for a reason. I was seated by a woman who I assumed was about my age. She was knitting and sorta keeping to herself. After a while she told me that she was going on a mini vacation for a few days to see her sister. She said that she and her husband owned a dairy. They have four boys. She said that she just needed to get away for a little bit. The stress was getting to her. She said that there can only be so much cheese and the price of milk was way down. You can't just stop milking the cows. It is an everyday job. She said she was tired of cooking and cleaning up after her boys and her husband. She loved them, she just needed a break. Then she must have seen my wedding ring and she asked me what me and my husband do. Some times it is so hard to say the words. But I told her my husband died in a plane accident a year and a half ago. I told her that we raise Christmas trees. That the market is flooded with trees right now and the price is way down. I told her that now I have to do so many things that are out of my comfort zone. I told her that we have four kids, too. They help me try to figure everything out. I told her that I remember thinking that I used to be tired of laundry and cooking. If only I could have that life back. I would give anything to just do the laundry and cook the meals. There were a few tears, both her and me. But she said that she can't wait to get where she was going so she could call home and tell her husband how much she appreciated him. She said that she would have a different attitude when she got home. I think God needed me to sit there beside her that day, not just for her but for me too.


adsgram said...

Thanks, Pam! My hubby and I were just arguing over a trellis, of all things, and how far it was from the house. It got a bit heated, so I yelled, "do whatever the heck you want", and I came in to read blogs! I just went back out to let him know it didn't matter anymore... God Bless you for reminding me just what is really important!


Annette said...

Thank you for this post. I was feeling frustrated with my family...but now I see I need to appreciate them instead of being frustrated with them.

Auntie Joy said...

I've had some amazing conversations on airplanes with strangers before too. You do have to know that there really are no coincidences.
Was glad to see you Saturday!

Teresa Is Awesome! said...

God is always working. Did the woman tell you her name? She probably lived down by Corning. I'm glad you didn't miss your flight!
Love Teresa

City Girl Country Heart said...

I do believe God puts us in the right place at the right time and he has a reason for it. I bet that lady was so glad your paths crossed. I know I have always felt Thankful & Blessed that ours crossed!!
We had a great weekend , thank you for letting Taylor come with us. I hope I wasnt too cranky :)
Have a great week !

Molly Mo's said...

Amen to all of the above comments! Thanks for reminding us all who are still fortunate enough to have our husbands by our side. Great to see you Saturday - how about another early morning walk to see me at my best?

Linda said...

Pam, I'm an long time reader of your blog, and you always touch my heart with your words, this one melted my heart! God is using you to reach out to others...even on an airplane! Thank you so much for your beautiful words of wisdom from a lady all the way in NC!

In His Service, Linda

tomcrowl said...

Pam, Thanks for coming to the service, It was tough finding the words to express my thoughts, this last 8 weeks have been so surreal, I still wake up feeling for the love of my life, but she has gone to walk with Jesus, this is so bittersweet, I know she is in a wonderful place but I feel so hollow and I watch the kids and see how much they miss their mom, It has been 14 days since she passed and I am back at work trying to stay busy, but I miss the phone calls and the way she would look at me when I did or said something alittle goofy, Your words have given me comfort and I know that coming from you, you know and live the sorrow and challenges, so many things that I took for granted, I hope that time and God will give me the strenght and wisdom to handle this lose. It hurts more than anything I have ever experienced.
Take care Pam and thanks for the little talk. Tom

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hello....I came upon your blog and I was so moved reading your thoughts and your lovely photos of your home and gardens. Thanks for making me stop to think about not taking little everyday things in life for granted.
~Hugs, Patti

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Wow. I really believe too that there are no coincidences. I found your blog through another, and the first post I skimmed down to read was this one. I am a stay at home Mother and have been spending some time recently reflecting on my life, and what I want to do with myself. I've been struggling with the isolation and stresses that staying home brings, but your post puts into perspective just how lucky I am. I think God wanted you also to write about your experience, beacause it's obvious you've moved more than just the heart of the woman who sat next to you. Thank you for giving me some more to think about, and helping me to more appreciate the things that I take for granted. God bless you and your family!

Halo Hill said...

Wow, she was so blessed by you, Pam. Beautiful.


BittersweetPunkin said...

Thanks for posting this....I needed to read it today.