Sunday, March 30, 2008

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I believe in love at first sight. I met Jay when I was a freshman in highschool. I lived forty-five miles from the highschool and it was the first day of volleyball practice. We had just got finished with practice and the football team was finishing practice also. There he was. The hottest guy I ever saw. He looked at me and smiled and it was love from then on. That was so long ago. We dated all thru highschool. We even shared the same birthday. This year we would be married 30 years. We have had so much fun and such good memories. I have decided to make my own rules and I say that we will still be married in Heaven. Even if I don't get there for a while, I want to be the same age as now. I don't want him to stay the same and me to get old.
I found a poem yesterday at a yard sale of all places. It was kinda wierd that it was there. Almost as if it was meant for me to see. It said. How long will we have together, to share a loving touch, a warm soft smile? Only the passing of days, weeks, or perhaps years will give me the answer I'm not looking for. In knowing you I'll take what I know, share something new, grow some more. I'll offer you the same, something new, a little more. Our sharing will be an exchange of gifts, permitted by desire and not forgotten through time. And if, as seasons pass, I see you no more, I'll not ask why or become dismayed. I'll be content with what we shared, with what you gave. Strengthened and free, your gifts have nourished me, I've become a better person, I hope I've left you the same. Keeping your gifts, forever free, they will remain gently within, a special part of me.
I really feel that way. I think he made me a better person and I did him as well. I really do thank God everyday for the awesome time that He gave us together. And I know that this is just temporary and we will be together again some day. Some people don't get to experience that kind of love even for a little while and we were able to have it for thirthy some years. Just thinking about it makes me smile.
I have been blessed.


Auntie Joy said...

Gosh what a beautiful poem Pam it certainly does seem as if you were meant to see it.. I do believe nothing happens by accident and it is all part of God's plan..the big things and the little ones.
I didn't realize your bday was the same day!! I'm glad you are planning to be at Farm Chicks!!
As far as love at first sight!! Of course I do I have love you (and Diane, not to mention your girls) from the first sight!
Hugs to all of you

BittersweetPunkin said...

I do believe in love at first sight and some people are meant to be together. This is a lovely post and I believe that poem was meant to be seen by you. 30 years is a long time...I have been married for 15.

I hope each day that passes makes you stronger.

I am having a 200th post giveaway on Friday and I hope you can hop over and visit me then!

Teresa Is Awesome! said...

The poem sounds like it was truely written for you and Jay. You and Jay had a beautiful life together and he is still together in your heart and watching over you. I feel you will continue to be together for eternity. I'm sitting here in class giving a test and had some spare time and I thought of you. You are in mine and Jugs thoughts all the time. We love you guys. Teresa

Teresa Is Awesome! said...

Pam I found a peom today:
You will be remembered
You will be remembered when the flowers bloom in spring
And in the summertime remembered
In the fun that summer brings

You will be remembered
When fall brings leaves of gold
In the wintertime, remembered, in the stories that are told

And you will be remembered, each day right from the start
For the memories that we once shared
Forever live within my heart.

I found this on a garden stake and Jug and I want to know it we can share it with you by putting it at Jay's grave? The wintertime stories brought aout some wonderful memories of funny times involing the tree lot.
Love Teresa

House Divided said...

ok ok, it should be normal now.

Stephanie said...

Hey there....... yes im going to all these places you have shown me without you...... but it just isnt the same. I know we will go have fun soon ! Watch out Ruthie, here we come! I think of that place daily :)

Hope you get some time to rest and relax- you have been super busy lately. See ya at the games , Love Stephanie

House Divided said...

Hmmm... the tattoo hurt. ill put some pictures up.

House Divided said...

Nevermind, I dont want grandma or anyone to see them :) have mindy look on myspace, there are some pictures there.