Friday, June 20, 2008

My Grandkids:)

We ran away yesterday and went to Silver Falls State Park. We had lunch and played in the creek. It was fun to climb trees, use sticks for pretent fishing poles and chase squirrels. I don't know why we waste money on toys. It was more fun just taking pictures. This is Caleb. He is the most adventursome. He also has a hearing problem. He just didn't hear me say STOP. DON'T GO ANY FURTHER. But isn't he cute?

This is Connor. He is the bigger of the two but a little more cautious. He did catch the biggest imaginary fish with his pretend fishing pole. His little eyes just twinkle with onryness. They are double trouble.

This is princess Kenzi. She is cute as a bug. She thinks she can do anything her brothers can do. And she does. She started walking at 9 months and can say lots of words. I think she is super smart and sassy. It is fun to play dress up with her. I hope she likes it when she gets bigger. Her mom tries to put cute barretts in her hair but that only lasts about one minute. Cute, cute, cute.

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BittersweetPunkin said...

They are all beautiful and such Blessings. You must be a very proud Grandma.