Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Big boy, little toys

When Taylor was little he would play for hours with his trucks. On his 4th birthday we got a dump truck load of top soil delivered just for him.

One summer he and I went to the farm store and bought a bag of grass seed.

He would plow his fields and make them just perfect and plant the grass seed.

After a couple of weeks the grass would come up and he would plow it up and start over again. His favorite thing to do was to go to the John Deere store and buy a new tractor or impliment.

He loved that stuff. Yesterday I had a meeting in town. When I came home Taylor was on the big Cat pushing dirt down by the shop. He was getting it smoothed out so we can get gravel. He will be driving the dump truck to get the gravel, too. He is really good on all the equipment.
Later last night after dinner he went up and took a shower. I didn't see him again. So when I went up to bed I popped in to say goodnight and saw him.

This big boy in his underwear sitting on the floor in his room. He was talking on his cell phone to Brandi and playing with all his little tractors and equipment. He just looked up with a silly smile on his face. He said hey mom, check this out!!!

He wanted me to see how his farm was set up just like he did when he was little. I had to come and get my camera and take a few pictures. He made me promise not to show you him in his underwear. Gotta love that boy!!


Anonymous said...

The little(big) farm is so cool. Funny thing is, is that he still has about 2 more tubs of toys and buildings that he can add too! The past couple nights when we're on the phone he has been wanting to stay up later...I should have known it was because he was playing!
Love ya~Brandie

Anonymous said...

Hey there! you have been tagged, go to my blog to check out the rules! Have fun

Teresa Is Awesome! said...

Derek and Cody did the same thing when they were litle. I bet if Taylor showed Cody, they could talk and play with those trucks for hours. See you tomorrow!