Monday, February 2, 2009


It's been almost a year since the accident. I have been telling myself that "that day" won't be any harder than any other day this past year. Parts of every day are hard. I think of Jay so many times every day, how will one day be any harder? But as that day approaches I do feel different. I think of Jay and Riley and Steve even more than usual. How could it be a whole year ago? I can tell you every detail of that day. The phone call, the shock, the pain. Sometimes still my brain doesn't want to believe it. My heart will never believe it. I remind myself every day that this is just temporary. I used to hate for time to pass by so fast, now I don't. Even tho I am happy to be where I am, doing what I do, I look forword to being one day closer to being with him again. I am so thankful for family and friends that care so much about us. Man, am I glad to have the support and love that they give.

God has been putting distractions in my way lately to keep me busy thinking of other things. This weekend the toilet was plugged and we had company and we couldn't get it fixed. Finially, this morning we got that taken care of. Last night I went to put something in the freezer in the garage and found everything thawed out. The freezer had quit. What a mess. I had to throw out a turkey and a bunch of venison, a 30 pound box of blueberries and some other things. Today our computer decided to quit! RRrrrrrrrrrr!

The sun did shine today and we got to spend time out in the yard cleaning leaves and debri left from the storms. I think I could work out there for a month straight and never be finished. It is nice to see the daffodills starting to come up. The aphids have been enjoying my roses in the greenhouse. I had to put a stop to that.

Another distraction is the Grange soup dinner this coming Sunday. We have been members of the grange for over 30 years. Almost everyone at this grange is old. I'm one of the youngest ones by a bunch of years. Some of the members are in their 90's. They have cute names like Vesper and Eugenia and Edna. There was Ruth and Bernice and Mary. There is a guy named Guy and an other one named Bill Williams. (Do you think his first name is really William too?) They are all so sweet and I love helping them with things. I have been helping them with this fund raiser for quite a few years. I have all the decorations ready. I will show you pictures when I get them all done. I have bought most of the supplies and groceries. All we have to do is set things up on Saturday, decorate and pick up a few more things. Then on Sunday we will cook and serve around 200-250 people. Jay's mom and dad and his brother and sister-in-law will be here to help me. My kids will help, too. Thank God for family and thank God for distractions.


Teresa Is Awesome! said...

I can't wait to come up see everyone. I'm also looking forward to meeting the grange ladies and gents. See you in a few days!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The freezer was a mess, and so was the shop freezer. Did Taylor tell you there was about 40 boxes of chemicals on top of the freezer, and we didnt figure out that it wasnt working also until we had every one of them off and stacked??? I wish we could have gone back on saturday. Also if you need help Saturday night, just let me know and I will come up after work! I cant wait to see all the decorations, if they are half as cute as last years were...I bet everyone will love them!
Love you ~ Brandie

CeAnne said...

God is wonderful in His ways :o) Latley I have lost some loved ones and see how things are only bareable with the grace of God. Love & Prayers.

Anonymous said...

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