Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Forever Valentine

With valentines day just a day or two away I was feeling a little sad that I wouldn't be getting chocolates or roses or love notes from Jay. Then it dawned on me that I have lots of them stashed away in my cedar chest in my bedroom. So I went up there and took all the "treasures" off the top of the chest and opened it up. There inside was a little box filled with letters that Jay sent to me when I was still in high school and he was in college.

When I was in high school I took a wood shop class. My brother was in the same class. I always thought that what I made was cooler than what he made. This is a little wooden box that I made in that class.

When Jay went to college he would send me letters and I would save all of them inside that box.

Boy, I'm glad that I did. It was so cool to look at them and read them.

I really did get valentines this year!!! And I will take them out every year and smile and be glad that I have them.

I guess he really did love me. After all, he was in college, playing football and still taking the time to write love letters to me.

It's funny because my mom worked at the post office in the little town where we lived and on the front of the envelopes it would only say my first name and the name of the town with the zip code and I would still get it. (Thanks mom)

When I hear songs on the radio singing about loving someone, it doesn't make me sad. It makes me glad that I had that. Jay was my love song. He still is my love song. He always will be.

We lived our love song. He made all my dreams come true.

Happy Valentines Day my friends. Hold the one you love a little tighter. Write them a love note. Let them know how much they mean to you. Not just because it's Valentines Day but just because.


adsgram said...

Got my note already written, Pam! Sweet reminders for you of Jay..

I happened to notice that your middle name is Sue. My younger sister is named Pamela Sue, as well....LOL!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!


NanaBanana said...

It feels so good to be loved and love so much! It just feels really good. And makes you want to forgive the whole planet.

Kathi said...

Pam, This is such a beautiful tribute to your husband. How sweet of your mother also, to make sure you go those notes. I'm sorry he is not here right now to hold you and take you to dinner. I will pray for you today. I'm very glad you have these love notes as a reminder. Kathi

Stephanie said...

This is so sweet Pam. Thank you for thinking of Brandie today, she had a lot of fun.Ive never heard of anyone being thrown out of VS before though, LOL !!!
I hope reading those little notes makes you feel that much closer to Jay tonight.
Happy Valentines Day ,

LittleMissNye said...

Well Valentine's Day has come and gone...and I just now got to read your blog. Pammy, I've always been one to keep love notes and I pray that Seth get to share the love day in and day out like you did with Jay. Whether it was displayed to the world, or just to you, Jay's love for you and you for him, is truly an ispiration! I love you Pam - and hope Jay's love continues to keep you warm each night...Thank you for sharing!

Sharon said...

That is absolutely the sweetest thing Pam. You were so, so blessed with Jay. My heart aches for you, but I am also so impressed with how you are taking all of this. God has really comforted you. I think your lifetime memories with Jay also are a huge comfort.

God bless you Pam!
Can't wait to meet you in person!!!

Hugs, Sharon

Anonymous said...