Thursday, February 19, 2009

Possitive Attitude

I have been given an assignment to write down for 21 days in a journal five possitive achievements that I do each day. Then write the reason why you did it, further progress and specific actions. Well, let me tell you this is harder than I thought. All along I thought that I had a good attitude and was a positive person. But when you have to record things, maybe I am not quite sure that I am as possitive as I thought. Getting on the treadmill is possitive. Crossing off things on my list of things I don't want to do is possitive. Spending time with my kids is possitive. But what else do I do? This is harder than I thought and is giving me a bad attitude (not really) but it makes me think that I need to do more things to be a possitive person. I am really working on this.

Yesterday the sun was shining and that alone made me happy. We got to go outside and plant primroses.

Casey helped trim the apple trees and spray them.

The little guys rode bikes and played

and made funny faces. Sunshine makes everyone happy.

Wait!! Connor that isn't nice.

There, that's better.


Miss Mindy said...

ohhh I just want to kiss them to peices everyday! Love ya Mom!

LittleMissNye said...

I love getting to see all your pics Pammy! Primroses and Sunshine - I'm positive that that sounded like a Fun Day! Love you and Miss You!

hoosier homemaker said...

I've been following your blog for a little over a year. I find you inspirational and entertaining. I loved learning about the Christmas tree harvest. You've got a great family and you are so helpful with the grandkids.
I also appreciate you sharing your memories of Jay and your love for him. The quilts you've made are precious.
Please count among your positives what you give to your blog followers. I have a feeling it's more than you imagine.