Friday, May 8, 2009

10 Things We Love About You

For Mother's Day this year...we decided to sneak on to our MOM's BLOG (hehe) & make a blog about her. So...all of My Grandkids Rock's children made a list of 10 Things We Love About Her!

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Taylor says he Loves...
1. When she makes breakfast, lunch and dinner.
2. She helps me with everything
3. She cares about everyone
4. When she goes somewhere she asks if you want to go
5. How she keeps everything clean and organized and trys to get us to do the same.
6. How shes not like girly, she likes to do guy stuff too.
7. She knows how to run the backhoe and bobcat.
8. when she does the laundry for me.
9. when she getson the treadmill with me
10. how much she loves everyone.

Casey says he Loves her Because...
1. She has never made herself the priority. She has always made sacrafices to put all the kids first, never missing a game or anything.
2. She won't sugarcoat things just to make you feel better. She looks out for your own good by giving you straight advice.
3. No matter where you eat, if someone asks how you like the food you can always honestly say "Moms is better."
4. She is the epitome of toughness, going through many tough things and never losing touch with her faith.
5. That she keeps the ugly things you make her as a kid in wood shop ans swears she likes them.
6. She always has ways to make family gatherings fun.
7. She invented White Trash Weekend and made it so everyone could do a project while there to make work fun.
8. She is the Best Garage Sale partner and knows all the cool off the path places to go.
9. The countless times she has dropped what she was doing to bring socks or slidding shorts to a baseball bus waiting on one kid.
10. Because there is no other Perfect Counterpart for Dad.

Stacy says she Loves her Because...
1.She knows every fun place to go and every fun thing to do. Estate sales, auctions, plant sales, junk stores, kids days. Everyone loves her for that.
2. When we were in highschool she made the best lunches that all the kids wanted like french dips or she would go to Silverton and bring us burritos from the Taco stand.
3. For four years before every softball game she would bring us bitesized pieces of bbq chicken because we told her Wade Boggs said there was hits in Chicken.
4. She makes the best Sunday dinners. Everyone plans there weekend so that we don't miss dinner at Mom's. Its that good.
5. There is nothing fake about her (except her nails and tan) She doesn't have to put on a show for anyone.
6. Even if I make fun of her for buying another bucket, bench or jar, they all get put to good use. But you might think she is crazy if you knew how many she had.
7. If what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, Mom is the strongest person I know. What she does and what she has done takes a lot of courage and faith.
8. Her analogies are really good and you would know this if you ever read her story about boys having two brains.
9. She loves her family and its obvious. She doesn't even have to say to see it and feel it.
10. She does everything for everyone. How is there ever enough time??? Geeez. I want to be like her.

Mindy says...
1. I love that you are like a Mother Hen & always want your chickies around. (We love being your chickies)
2. I love that as the years go by I realize that I am more & more like you. (I vaccuum @ midnight, can't sleep if the dishes aren't done) But aside from our cleaning OCD, it's our looks too. Come On! We could be sister's! And I loooove that!
3. I love that every sale, cute lil shop or anywhere you always find me a treasure or bring me a prize! Even if I am 25, I still love the prizes.
4. You know how to make anyone feel good. It's about the small things you do that make huge impacts on people.
5. You may throw like a girl, but your the toughest girl I know!! And as we battle through this life together, I'm sure glad your on my team!
6. You are so thoughtful, generous and fun, honest and quite whitty.
7. You're like one of my Girlfriends! When it comes to anything where I need your opinion, you know how to word it just right. Ialways know my Mama's Got My Back!
8. You would write notes in our lunches and on homecoming week, you wrote in sparkles..."Princess" on my sack lunch! That was awesome! Alot of my friends knew you for your sandwhiches.
9. I love that it doesn't take fancy things to make you happy. It's really just about family and the simple things!
10. I love You because you met Dad & Dad met you! And that you fell in Love. Because Love last forever and Families will always stay together!

Louis (Mindy's husband) wanted to do it too...
He says he Loves her
1. Because you make enough food, not only for Taylor, but me too.
2. Because when you laugh I laugh, when you smile, I smile and when you cry, I cry...I always want to give you a hug. You just have that effect on people and we all love that.
3. Because even though I am just an in-law, you make me feel like your own. I'm never frowning at Pam's.
4. Because you are you and I wouldn't ask for anything more...well, maybe another peice of bacon.
5. Because family is your priority & I always feel like part of the family b/c of you.
6. Because your an inspiration to all of us.
7. Because you raised the greatest kids, friends and family.
8. Because for some reason you understand me...(you might wanna get that checked out)
9. Because you agree with me on Mindy's, well let's just call it a valve adjustment on her rear.
10. Because if I wanted to you would let me call you, Mom. But I still think, "Pamalicious" is way cooler!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!
You are the Best and We all LOVE YOOOOU!!!!
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adsgram said...

I only have one child. If he feels the tiniest bit of the way you guys feel about YOUR Mom (and I know he does) it will be a Wonderful Mother's Day for me. Your Mom has a lot to be proud of...she has YOU!!!!

Happy Mother's Day, Pam!


the hearts of hartmann said...

Pam, I hope your day is special. You have a great family and everyone thinks all these things about you, even us!
Remember, you are still a Super Hero in our book !
Happy Mothers Day to a great Mom !
Love Paul & Stephanie

My Grandkids ROCK said...

Yep. I have the bestest family ever. Love you guys!!!! Love Mom

Teresa Is Awesome! said...

I hope you had a wonderful Mothers day. the kids did a wonderful job!
Love teresa

~Kelly~ said...

Stacy is right about the chicken....Pam, thank you for all those bite sized pieces. I will NEVER FORGET the chicken.

Sharon said...

Wow! What a testiment to what a great mother you are! Those are wonderful lists! It is so obvious that they love you so much and you have done such a great job!!! You have raised wonderful kids Pam and you deserve to have the best mother's day!

Love, Sharon

Sharon said...

Just had to share.......the next word verification that poped up after I left my comment.....


Too funny!

Anonymous said...