Monday, May 11, 2009

Boys brains

If you read the 10 things that each of my kids wrote to me for Mothers Day you can see how cool that I think they are. Its easy being a mom when you have cool kids. If you go to Stacy's list and go to number 8, I can explain. Back when the girls were in high school, one of the girls had a nice, handsome boyfriend that broke her heart. He was a jerk and it made me mad. So I was thinking about it one day and decided to write her this letter. This is how it went:

This is a story about boys and girls. You see, all your life you have believed that boys and girls were created the same except for, well you know. But what you didn't know was there is something else different about boys. God gave them two brains instead of just one like us girls. Their second brain is a very small but powerful brain. It is so small that He put it in their.... #$*&$ . They can only use one brain at a time. So, when their big brain (the one in their head) isn't working properly, it's probably because their little brain is. They don't even grow this brain until they are around 13 years old. Then they finially discover this brain and they are always trying to use it. But, you see, the one brain that He gave girls is SO much smarter than either brain that He gave boys, that we don't act so stupid. We use OUR brains to tell us what is right and what is wrong. Sometimes when we fall in love we can get hurt unless we understand this whole brain thing. Some girls don't have very big brains either. They are usually ugly girls. I think God didn't want to waste alot of brains on ugly girls. Those are the girls who usually help the boys when their little brains want to take over for their big brains. So, sometimes us pretty girls with big brains get hurt because ugly girls with little brains do things with our boyfriends when they let their little brains take over. I'm not sure if they know how to controll their little brains sometimes. And I promise you, there will always come a time when you are with a boy that his little brain will start acting up. And when this happens, his other brain has to shut down temporarily. But when he gets his big brain back to work he usually is feeling really bad about what happened and he will try to make it up to you. I hope this helps you understand a little better about boys. They are so cute sometimes but so stupid other times. It usually has something to do with what brain is in charge. Try to be patient with them. Some boys are worth it and some aren't. Don't let any boy mess with your brain. They usually can't even controll their own brains. Love Mom


Molly Mo's said...

Oh my gosh, I love this letter!! Mind if I use it for my 3 girls? I can see heartbreak in their future...they are pretty with big brains! You are one smart momma......
PS- getting ready for the garden tour?

Sharon said...

What a great letter of support to your daughter. It's so funny, but true in many ways. As a mom with four boys, I have really taught them about things like this and to NOT be boys like that. I'm glad that you have such a close relationship with your daughter and you helped her so much!

Hugs, Sharon

Tropicana Rose said...

Ohh Pam!! This is perfect! I read it to the girls and a couple of their friends one night when they were here talking about dumb boys. It was just the explanation they needed. Thanks, you are a very wise Momma!!

Love, Jamie