Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

I am a visual person. What I mean is that I can understand something much better if I can see it. Oh sure, I can read a book and learn...but if you try to explain something to me it is much better to see what you mean if you show me. I like to steal ideas all the time for my yard and my house by going to garden shows or looking in magazines. Some of the best things I learn are from watching people. With Mothers Day here I think of how blessed I am to have such awesome examples every day, my mom, my mother-in-law, my grandma, aunts, daughters and sister, sister-in-laws and friends. They are all perfect role models for me to copy. My mom has given me nearly 49 years of lessons of how to be a loving mother. She taught me how to treat people, took me to church, gave me advise and showed me that family is the most important thing. My mother-in-law has blessed me with 30 years of unconditional love. She has never judged me or made me feel like I was anything less than wonderful. My Grandma has got to be the greatest Grandma ever. She is 93 years old, lives by herself, goes to church and watches the Mariners every game. She has the cutest sense of humor and unending love for her family. I have lots of aunts that are the kind of people that I want to be like. They also know how important family is. My sister is such a giving person, there isn't anything she wouldn't do for anyone. I feel so lucky to have the sister-in-laws that I have. It is like wining the lottery with each one of them. I AM A LUCKY GIRL. I also have the best friends that a girl could ever want. They are always there for me. We laugh together. We cry together. I don't know what I would do without them. I have two daughters, one that is a mom and one that will be a mom some day. I pray every day that I can be the best example for them. I also pray that my boys will always need their mom. I know that God hears me and I know that He will continue to bless me with the best examples so that I can SEE and BE the mom that I want to be. If you are a mom or have a mom, I hope you are surrounded by love today. Happy Mothers Day!!


adsgram said...

Pam....I feel the same way about the Moms in my life. You just put it all so perfectly! I hope you enjoy your day!


House Divided said...

Wow, Pam, what a nice Mother's Day tribute. From You and the kids. Isn't it nice to know that you have succeeded so well at the most important job in the world. Sometimes you wonder when yourkids are growing up if they absorb anything you try and beat into their heads, but it is very obvious that yours did. No amount of money can buy the genuine words that each of them has for you and the unspoken gratitude that they all feel. They are certainly lucky to have you for a mom, mother-in-law, and Nana. You really have set the best example for all of them to follow. I would play that song for you "Nobody Does It Better" but I don't know where to find it, so if you find it, play it on your blog. That is my song to you. Happy Mothers Day. Love you, Donna

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a Beautiful post. you are an amazing role model to many people, especially me. I love how caring you are, how you make everyone feel special, and how you are definitly top 3 funnest people I know. All your role models did an amazing job guiding you to become the person you are. Thank you for being such an ammazing "Mom" to me. Love you, Brandie

Teresa Is Awesome! said...

You are a great role model and I'm proud to be of your family1
Love Teresa