Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a really busy weekend. On Thursday morning Stacy and I and the little ones loaded up and headed south to a funeral. It was a five hour drive with these guys. That is a long time for them to sit and be good. For some reason it looks like Connor is up to something. I think he took Kenzi's Polly Pockets and hid them.
The rest of the crew will be coming on Friday after work.

We got up early Friday morning and we went with Grandpa and Pink Grandma to town. There is a pretty park that has a memorial set up for veterans. We wanted to find my dad's brick with his name on it. They also had 1500 flags on display. It was really cool.

I wanted to get a picture of Great Grandpa and the brats.

First they had to wrestle. Like I said, it had been a long trip and they needed to burn off some stored up energy.

There, just set there and be cute.

We left there and took Uncle Tom a soda where he was stacking logs.

When we got back home we went to Great great Grandma's house. We took her dinner. While her and Kenzi ate, we mowed her lawn and trimmed the edges.

On Saturday we had our "white trash bbq".

Some dressed up.
Some didn't.

This is what Louis looked like when he saw his bride.

"Just kiddin' hunny, you're hot!!"

Grandpa and Pink Grandma were too cute.
Next day we hiked,

looked cute
ate some more,
rode horses and looked at new baby colts.

rode golf carts,

and go carts.

We rode rangers.
We looked at Billi's stinking cute yard.

And we took naps.

Monday we headed home.
We stopped to look a new baby elk at a friends elk ranch. This one was one day old. There was one just an hour old. Too cute.

Then back in the pickup for the trip over the mountian.


Home is where my heart says Aaahhhhh!!