Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bailing and sorting

After the trees are flown to the landing area they are carried to the shaker. The shaker is behind the little tractor.

The guys put the stump into the shaker for a few seconds. It shakes most of the loose needles out before the tree is moved to the bailer.

At the bailer it gets pulled thru and wrapped with twine. This makes them tightly bundled so that you can get more trees on a truck.

After they are baled they get sorted into size piles.

Some buyers take straight loads but others want some of this and some of that. That is what we use the pallets for.
Some trees are stacked on the pallets so that we can move a pallet of trees to a truck rather than move a truck to another pile. I'll show you more about that later.

Besides all this we have other activities going on. Taylors football team won the league. It was the first tiime in over 30 years that they won the league outright. Now we have a playoff game on the 21st. I am really excited for them. Also, Connor and Caleb started basketball last weekend. Their team didn't have a sponsor so we decided that we would sponsor them. Their Paw would really like that. We got to pick out a mascot and name for them.
They are the Jay Hawks. I love that!!!!
And then you have Princess Kenzi. She had two halloween costumes. One day she was a lady bug and the next day she was a princess. She is pretty much a princess everyday.

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NanaBanana said...

I think the Jay Hawks are now officially my favorite team!