Sunday, November 8, 2009

More harvest activities!

We started flying early in the morning. There is usually less wind and fog. Today wasn't windy or foggy but it was raining like crazy.

We have one guy out in the trees. He wears a bright orange vest so he can be seen by the helecopter pilot. When the pilot spots the hooker, he flys right over him with the hook. As quick as he can, the hooker places the rings on the slings in the hook and off they go. This is usually just one continued motion. Our hookers are really good and so is the pilot.

The trees are carried to the landing. The pilot gently sets the trees down and off he goes for more. When the trees are on the ground, there are two or three guys that go as fast as they can and pull the slings out of the pile. Then they get out of the way for the next bundle that is on its way.

When there is a little time, they will roll up the slings in sets of two and get them ready to go back out in the fields again.

These guys work hard all day, rain or shine and almost always have a smile on their face.

And then there are these guys that just showed up cuz they heard there were donuts and hot chocolate.


Auntie Joy said...

Give them lots to eat and it won't be long before they will be working like the big boys!
Fun seeing you and Stacey, so happy about your news!

Teresa Is Awesome! said...

I love to see how the trees make it to us. You have a handsome crew!