Friday, November 6, 2009


We have been busy with marketing and scheduling and now it is time to get the chainsaws going. Today we started cutting our Christmas trees. It seems so early but it has to be this way to get them all harvested and ready to deliver. Not all trees are cut at the same time. We have buyers that want their trees early and some that take theirs later. Then there are all those who want theirs at the same time.

We do our best to keep them standing as long as possible to keep them fresh. There have been times that we were cutting, bailing and loading them on the truck at the same time. That's fresh!! There is so much involved. We have to organize all the orders, schedule the helicopter and plan how many guys we will need to cut, sling, hook, bail and load. Hopefully everything works out just the way we want but a lot of the time weather "happens" to change your plans. If it is foggy or windy, you can't fly. Then you get bumped out of your spot and you have to reschedule your fly time. The hard part is that all of the other growers have the same demands.

Their customers want their trees at the same time and so we all have to work together. We like to be organized so we know what is happening but it can't always be that way. That is when you breathe in......breathe out.....pray...and make a new plan and then pray some more. I know that the devil would like to see us screw up. I know that he wants us to be afraid and confused, but we won't let that happen. There will be new challenges everyday. We will face each one of them with confidence. I know that we can do this. We have Jay looking out for us and with God on our side, that devil can't hurt us. He might as well just get the heck out of the way cuz we have got things to do.

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hoosier homemaker said...

I love hearing about your Christmas tree harvest. Your home and area are beautiful. I don't blog and I don't comment often but I always like to let you know that I'm still following!

Keep up the good work.