Saturday, November 7, 2009

Harvest time here

I was thinking that it might be kinda cool to show you what we are doing here at the tree farm each day. I will try to have my camera handy and take some pictures and post updates. I won't guarantee anything except that I will try. Up until yesterday there wasn't much activity as far as harvest goes. It was mostly office work and getting the chainsaws and bailers ready. Today is a different story. The cutters have been busy. The pickups are loaded with slings and the rains have started. So in a little over a month, we might see the sun again! It's not fun to work in but it is good for keeping the trees fresh.

In the fields the trees are marked with colored ribbon and/or tags. Each one is different for each buyer and they are all color coded to tell from a glance what size the tree is.

A cutter (the guy with the chainsaw) can cut around a thousand trees per day, some times more or less depending on the field. Some trees are on steep hillsides. They walk up each row, look for the ribbon for the buyer that we are cutting for and in a matter of just a few seconds, they cut it down.

After the trees are cut, the next guys come with slings. Then they carry the trees, usually over their heads, to an area that they bundle 10 or more in a set of slings. From a distance it looks like the hillside is moving as they gather the trees and carry them.
They loop the ropes around the bundles and thru the rings on the end of the ropes. Then they move on to another area and do this again, and again, and again. The size of the trees makes a difference in how many trees go in to each bundle. They usually weigh a few trees so they know how much each bundle should weigh. It is really important that the bundles don't weigh too much for the helicopter. Tomorrow morning the helicopter will be here.

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