Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Mindy

Twenty six years ago you made your appearance in this world. From day one you were sassy and sweet. You were also very independent. You let me and Dad know from the beginning that you could do things your way.
Your big beautiful eyes and contagious smile always got you out of trouble. Well, almost always. I remember one time when Dad spanked your bottom and it hurt him more than it did you. Those big eyes could melt his heart.
Another time when your smile didn't work was when the cops called me and dad one night to tell us that you and your friends were rearranging reindeer in peoples yards at Christmas time. That was funny, sorta.
You didn't really like the hunting and camping that we always did. After all, you were a princess and being in the woods without running water just wasn't your thing. Dressing up and being a princess is what you liked best. You were a good little sister for Stacy. She was shy and you were NOT. She could get you to do things that she was afraid to do.
You were also a good big sister for Casey and Taylor. You taught Casey how to ride his bike and Taylor how to burp the alphabet. You were always a little on the crazy side. Even when you were little, you had no fear. You would jump off the high dive at the pool at age 4.
You are still the funniest one to pull behind the boat at the lake. You might be a princess but you aren't a sissy. Dad was so proud of you when he got to coach you in softball. When you won the state title I don't think there was a happier, prouder dad anywhere.
Now that you are all grown up, I hope that you always have a smile on your face, that you never give up your independence and that you someday have a little princess that is just like you. Love you to the moon and back again. Happy Birthday, Love Mom

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Sharon said...

Was there every a time when she wasn't gorgeous? Wow! What a beautiful girl on the inside and out! She is stunning in the last picture. You did good Pam!

Hugs, Sharon